Proceco Typhoon - HD Traction Motor Vacuum Drying Station

Proceco Typhoon - HD Traction Motor Vacuum Drying Station

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  • Proven choice of re-builders worldwide for traction motor cleaning
  • Environmentally safe - heavy-duty, fully automatic
  • Vacuum dryer features low-energy principle to completely dry — deep inside the winding

As a key partner to the rail and transit industry, PROCECO has helped modernize maintenance depot parts cleaning operations, replacing harmful chemicals and manual processes with environmentally friendly, automatic degreasing equipment. All of our cleaning technology uses water-based cleaning solutions instead of harmful solvents. During the wash cycle, workpieces are sprayed with recirculated, hot aqueous solution containing a low detergent concentration (between 2% and 5%) to effectively remove oil, greases, and road dirt prior to rebuilding processes.

During the overhaul of traction motors (TMs) the first and most important operation is the perfect cleaning and drying of stator and rotor windings, prior to testing and diagnostics. Poor cleaning, rinsing and drying will cause:

  • False diagnostic test readings leading to unnecessary rewinding operations.
  • Residual dirt and carbon dust on stators and rotors that will contaminate varnish tanks.
  • Residual detergent left in windings after cleaning that will deteriorate insulation and attract humidity, all of which will lead to premature motor failures.


ModelTyphoon - HD
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