DZ-1000 Auto-Vacuum Packaging Machine

DZ-1000 Auto-Vacuum Packaging Machine

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PLC control system,with individual display facilitates easy reading and operating.

When Equipped with a conveyor belt,the machine can perform continuously. This greatly upgrades production output and saves manpower and time. The front and rear end can be equipped with an automatic conveyor to make an automatic production line.

In case of packing plenty of liquid products,adjusting the angle of the  conveyor table can prevent the product from overflowing.

Stainless steel construction features maximum durability and convenient cleaning.


Stock Number3533
Chamber Dimensions45.8" x 16.73"
Seal Length40.15" x 0.078"
Seal Width0.393"
Motor Power370x2 (W)
Sealing Power1500 (w)
Ultimate Vacuum Pressure1 Kpa
External Dimensions70 x 55 x 39.3"
Machine Weight1102 lbs